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The Free Hand for Truth Party has been created and established to provide an avenue of freedom and power for all American citizens. This political party will enable voters to express their free will thru the democratic election process just as our founding fathers intended it to be. At this time the American public can only choose between two existing political cartels whose policies and programs have run this country into the ground for the last 50 years. There is no difference in the results between a Democratic or Republican administration or reign as our country and its citizens have suffered heavily regardless of which party is in power. The two political parties or cartels we are forced to choose between are just different branches of the same tree called Tyranny that produces the bitter fruit of oppression and hopelessness.

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The proof of kinship and common heritage between the two existing political parties or “cartels of corruption” is that when every elected representative is confronted or challenged to choose between the best interests of the public or party politics and personal gain; they always choose to cheat those who pay their salary and secure their own self-interests first. If we continue to sheepishly vote for the candidates selected by the Democratic and Republican Political Cartels; whose only aim is to enrich themselves with power; then we deserve the contempt for our intelligence that they brazenly verbalize with each outlandish campaign promise. If they truly know the way out of our maze of problems, then why have they lead us into the gunsights of destruction and apocalypse in the first place?

The Free Hand for Truth Party is dedicated to introducing and implementing the Spiritual Principle of Truth into the political process and all governmental functions of the United States. By utilizing the most powerful force in existence we can position ourselves to achieve goals and forge paths of progress that are only limited by our intelligence and imagination. Public access to the Truth will give every citizen the tools and information necessary to make courageous and wise decisions about the integrity of the government and country they wish to be a part of.

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By choosing the name” Free Hand for Truth” we are setting high standards that can only be reached by mastering and utilizing a supreme power. Our name or banner allows us to access not one but two eternal sources of power. Our God given free will dictates that as long as we have one “Free Hand” we should fight for freedom with our last breath and dollar. The power to fuel this effort will come from a celestial desire to acquire and apply “The Truth” to all governmental processes and institutions. It is universally acknowledged and understood that there is nothing absolutely NOTHING more powerful than the TRUTH. The TRUTH shall become our mantra, supreme weapon, and infinite source of power to battle the forces of evil that currently envelop our country and populate our government.

Santa-Flawed thinking, malfeasant policies, tyrannical laws enacted by Congress, and our own lame acquiescence or unquestioning acceptance of such lame and hollow ideas, is one blockade that has checkmated the implementation of effective principles and action. This Nation is like a careening vehicle with BAD brakes and a busted fender. We keep “fixing” or rather patching the dents and surface imperfections with each election cycle and escalating budget deficit. No engineer, mechanic or programmer would ever even try to repair or correct collateral damage without accurately determining the primary cause or defect that created the catastrophe in the first place. The illogical, unproductive and infinitely expensive path chosen by our “Political Cartels” and “Bureaucratic Clans” is to keep endlessly fixing the busted fender and deny or ignore that defective brakes are the root problem.

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Societies, governments and countries are simply large human aggregations that are held together with various bonds and beliefs that unite people for a common cause. Since it is universally acknowledged that personal improvement and spiritual growth requires the cleansing and healing of one’s past, this same process can be similarly rewarding to any brotherhood or institution created by man. Our nation and society has a festering wound of betrayal and treason that has never healed and continues to ooze the poison and pain of tyranny and greed into our individual lives, communities, and government. The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and more significantly the conspiratorial COVER-UP of the TRUTH is the epicenter of the financial tremors, social delirium, bureaucratic tyranny, and weakened security our nation has endured for decades. The cover-up and concealment of the facts and TRUTH about the assassination are the “bad brakes” that no politician or party has ever had the courage or strength to even acknowledge much less repair. For just so long as traitors run free and tyrants are memorialized so shall our economic misery and degradation of spiritual values continue.

The crime of conspiring to conceal the identities of powerful men and cover- up for the murderers of our beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy has caused more harm and grief to our nation than any bullet ever could. Just exactly how did the murder of Oswald and the start of the cover-up inflict so much damage and current carnage to our country? The conclusions and cover-up by the Warren Commission marked the epoch in time when deceit became a function of our government and secrecy was given a cabinet level position. While the ship of state was tethered to the dock so we could mourn our President and install a new crew; two infected rats crawled up the mooring ropes carrying the beginnings of a new plague. The genes of one rat carried the DNA for bureaucratic greed and the other introduced political tyranny (via an unelected President) to our unsuspecting country and citizens. “It is because decades ago we turned our back on justice; blinded ourselves to the truth; and ransomed our guilt with materialism that our nation now faces utter collapse of equal parts monetary and moral”.

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One would think that with so much at stake that at least one of the “Political Cartels” could summon some integrity and exert real leadership by being willing or committed to providing the public the Truth about the political coup that has caused our nations demise. Unfortunately however the politicians and leadership of our current two political parties or cartels are criminally incapable of honesty and terminally committed to concealing the TRUTH that they and their infinite lust for power are responsible for our nations decline and failure. Therefore it is hopeless and hallucinogenic for the citizens of American to expect any practical answers or solutions from the Republican’s or Democrat’s now or in the future.

Since we are already shouldering the burden of paying for political tyranny we should now accept the responsibility of taking charge of the steering wheel and throttle so that we can follow a path that produces real prosperity and progress for this nation. Fortunately providence has provided us with an opportunity and a solution that is only limited by our commitment or willingness to settle for nothing less than the absolute TRUTH about the past, present, and future. “The window of opportunity to secure liberty in our lifetime is only open briefly to the brave and inaction guarantees failure and slavery.”

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Fellow citizens it is now time to engage in a ballot box REVOLUTION and DISELECT every Democratic and Republican candidate for public office. It is now time to elect a totally new slate of public representatives that will fight for justice, share the TRUTH, and embody the character and values of the people they serve. The FREE HAND FOR TRUTH PARTY is now officially declared open and ready to express and exert the will of the citizens of The United States of America.