Candidate Application

The Free Hand for TRUTH Party is seeking exceptional, enthusiastic candidates for the 2018 Mid Term elections. We will be providing Americans with a real choice and a powerful voice in all congressional districts. Please read the qualifications and requirements below and fill out the application. Volunteers are also needed in all states and districts so please go to the Get Involved Page and sign up to help.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • High School Education
  • Homeowner 5 yrs. (any time)
  • Public Service: Volunteer service of some type such as: Volunteer Fireman, Military, Volunteer Board Member; Little League Coach; School Volunteer ETC.
  • Letters of recommendation from each of the following: Bank Loan Officer; School Teacher; Minister or Reverend; Policeman
  • Agree to Read the and study following books in your first six months of office: Art of War by Sun Tzu, Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd, The Law by Frederic Bastiat, and either the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous or The Bible
  • Submit a 2 page essay on any of the following: Principles of Freedom (Constitution, Declaration of Independence), U.S. History, Why you want to serve your district.

Submit your application via the form below, or mail it in to:
Free Hand for Truth Party
P.O. Box 7742
Fort Worth, TX. 76111

Candidate Application