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In the final analysis it becomes apparent that it is the responsibility of each and every individual to access that supreme dignity within all of us and act as agents of truth, freedom, and enlightenment. We all have to strenuously look deep inside ourselves to encounter, acknowledge, and accept the truth; but this embracing of eternal values will then empower each of us with purpose and courage heretofore denied or unavailable to ordinary individuals. Your decision to join the Free Hand for Truth Party is a dagger to the heart of hate.

That the TRUTH is self evident and access to the truth is the birthright of every American is the founding principle and ultimate power of the Free Hand for Truth Party. A vast amount of power and wealth has been mobilized and deployed to suppress the truth, subvert democracy, falsify history and enrich tyrants. It is therefore necessary to summon and organize an opposing force of sufficient power and magnitude to bring the light of truth and sword of justice that will dislodge this cartel of tyranny and blockade to freedom.

The money that you expend breathes life into the force and foe that tyrant fear the most; the eternal power generated by the union of dollars and sense. Money can now be utilized as a manifestation of good instead of a measure of worth.

The $ 10.00 that you send is further evidence to the ogres of oppression that you are willing to expend personal effort and sweat to secure justice for all crimes committed against America.

The $ 10.00 that you send serves to broadcast the passion and courage that drives you to accept nothing less than victory in the battle to overthrow tyranny of any form or magnitude. Most importantly the $ 10.00 membership fee is an opportunity to make a personal decision and take constructive action to support our founding fathers’ effort to create a free country based upon liberty and justice for all.

The $10.00 that you send ensures that this will be a party of the citizens of the USA and not the pawn of billionaires or the puppet of lobbyists.

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DISCLAIMER: All membership fee money will be used to recruit and elect candidates to the Congress of the United States. This includes Advertising, Researchers, Support Staff and anything else ethical that can help to elect a new government. The $ 6.50 sticker sale and all subsequent products or licensing of the Free Hand logo will go to the founder and creator of this website in lieu of salary, recompense for 10 yrs. of work and as evidence of adherence to free enterprise principles.