Platform and Principles

The Free Hand for Truth Party is dedicated to introducing and applying the spiritual principle of absolute TRUTH to the political process and governmental institutions that are supposed to serve the taxpayers and citizens of these United States. This simple logical plan and platform for American’s to achieve a new plateau of freedom, strength, and prosperity is easy to understand, based on equality, and radical in concept. The effectiveness and impact that these proposals will have to drastically improve our country is guaranteed by the power of the truth.


  1. Seek and obtain the absolute TRUTH about the COVER-UP and concealment of the facts regarding the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The cover-up allowed the guilty to go free, gave power to the wicked, and laid the foundation for the bureaucratic mutiny and tyranny we are enduring today.
  2. Seek and obtain the absolute TRUTH about how and why 9-11 was allowed to happen. Which governmental agencies or departments failed to do their job of protecting us? “Independently verify” the information contained in the 9-11 report that implicates some of our “allies and friends”.
  3. Bolster and improve the economy by abolishing or repealing ObamaCare. It is just another “protectionist” program for big pharmacy and insurance companies that puts too much burden on taxpayers and employers. This was the best intentioned and worst written law ever passed by congress. A solution that provides affordable quality health care can be copied from other countries or own Native American Tribes. If we can not alter, replace, or improve ObamaCare then make our elected representatives give up their extremely generous health coverage benefits and be treated equally under existing policies like the citizens they represent.
  4. Bolster and improve the economy by reviewing the mandate and charter of every government agency or department. This audit will reveal if they are doing their job effectively and efficiently. More importantly this review will determine if the task or regulating they do even needs to be done in the first place. Are we paying thousands of government employees to do a job well that doesn’t even have a practical purpose or equally benefit all citizens who pay their salaries?
  5. Bolster and improve the economy by not allowing the waste of tax dollars to continue or proliferate. Investigate, prosecute, fine, and cut the budget of all government agencies and departments that have committed fraud, wasted public money, abused the public’s trust, or failed to perform their mandated duties. Bureaucrats and politicians are public servants and employees of the citizens of the United States and need to be reminded of that.
  6. Bolster and improve the economy by ceasing to bribe foreign countries, hostile governments, and petty dictators thru “foreign aid”. Put American values and citizens first so that we can help those who are trying to help themselves.
  7. Bolster and improve the economy by investigating, prosecuting, penalizing and ceasing to contract with or engage in any commercial activity with a government, corporation, or individual that has stolen from or defrauded the United States.
  8. Bolster and improve the economy by simplifying the income tax code and adjust tax rates to meet expenditures. Balance the budget, retire our debt, and quit stealing from our children thru deficit spending.
  9. Bolster and improve the economy by requiring all government purchases and expenditures be for American materials, American products, and built with American labor.
  10. There is no need to build a fence or wall to solve the immigration or security problem. Bolster and improve the economy by requiring all domestic or foreign owned businesses inside the continental boundaries of the United States to provide proof that their employees are citizens or legal residents of the United States. Provide an easily accessed, accurate federal database of all citizens and legally registered foreign workers. This legal resource will maintain only the barest minimum amount of information necessary to confirm someone’s identity and legal status. There will be no fines or imprisonment for violations as each guilty business will simply have to shut down one business day for each illegal or undocumented employee found to be on their payroll or premises.
  11. Enforcement of all laws to be swift, fair, and firm in order to reduce the cost of justice and accelerate the healing process that accompanies all crimes.
  12. Protect and defend our shores and citizens from all documented threats, eminent assault, and terrorist attack. Protect and defend our citizens, businesses, and government from theft of intellectual property and cyber-attack or threat.
  13. The protection of all Constitutional rights and freedoms to be a paramount concern and priority of all governmental agencies, employees, contractors, courts, and elected representatives. No governmental agency or department shall ever be allowed to engage in surveillance, spying, videotaping, recording, profile reviewing, or any other manner of privacy intrusion upon an American citizen that is not under criminal investigation or a suspected terrorist.
  14. It shall be a crime for any governmental agency, employee, contractor, or elected representative to lie or conceal the TRUTH from the taxpayers who pay their salary.
  15. Domestic fossil fuel production and increased renewable energy generation shall be the path to prosperity and energy security. Expand cheap clean wind and solar power so that our fossil fuel reserves can be utilized and conserved in the most effective manner.
  16. Our Earth the home of humanity shall be revered and protected through factual research, full disclosure of natural consequences, and spiritual understanding of our role as stewards of this miraculous planet.
  17. Stop the madness and hypocrisy; either legalize marijuana or criminalize alcohol. If marijuana is legalized tax and regulate it like any other vice.
  18. Protect and save our Social Security System by:
    1. Only citizens of the United States should be eligible for benefits.
    2. Legal aliens or other registered “guest workers” should be assessed a tax or fee that is contributed to the Social Security fund.
    3. The disability benefit requirements and eligibility should be made more restrictive and ineligible recipients purged.
  19. All laws or “codes” that give elected Representatives of the House and Senate special privileges or immunity shall be repealed; and all laws that apply to ordinary citizens shall be enforced against all elected representatives and public officials.
  20. Help restore the tax base of our local communities by making it unconstitutional for any taxing entity or district to grant abatements, discounts, or any type of financial inducements to developers and corporations. Since corporations have been recognized as having the same rights as individuals, make them shoulder the same equal responsibilities and costs. Quit making middle Americans subsidize Wall Street greed and power.
  21. Wage mechanized warfare only to defend our nations shores and citizens or to honor commitments to our allies.